Kosovo Conflict mod

Presenting Kosovo Conflict mod.
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Map Zaseda (Video preview)

Here is my last preview of this map before release. Please rate video and comment on YouTube. Thanks ;-)

New CoD4 project: Map "Zaseda"

Here is my new project. This map will be part of Balkan Special Forces mod for CoD4.

It will be placed in Bosnia near Sarajevo, and workname for it is mp_zaseda (ambush). Map already have few custom models and textures and i want to make this map totaly difrent from any CoD4 maps you can find on CoD community sites. Basicly i want to give a fresh new look with custom models and custom textures. Becouse map is based on rural theme, this new idea for look is based mostly on new foliage models i ripped from another popular game (credits for that game will be included in final release but for now its secret unless you figure out what game is it). I will update this post every time i have something new to add. Until then stay tuned and folow our BSF group here: fb.com/SC.GAMING

Video update 22.5.2012.

Update 21.5.2012.

The Weekend Battles BSF Mod

The Weekend Battles are action to make BSF mod server populated every weekend after 19h. Mod will be played with all server admins and clan members with all my maps and few other custom maps from other authors. Join us on 

Ripping & Importing models in CoD4 [tutorial]

This is advanced tutorial.I will not reply on any question if u dont know any of this programs.


Programs needed: Photoshop,nVidia DDS plugin for photoshop,3Ds max,Autodesk Maya 8 or 8.5, cod4 mod tools, 3D Ripper DX.
In this video i am ripping one MW2 model. U can rip any other game that u like and want to import model in cod4.
Here is video:

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